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Service Outline... Is Available Here!

We Desire to Bring Support to You Personally, Your Business, Ministry or Organization...

We're Prepared to Assess & Meet Your Tailored Needs!!!

Supernatural Success... Leadership Empowerment Education

  • Community Workshops w/ Empowerment Teachers, Coaches & Leaders (see below)
  • FB LIVES... Tuesdays 10:30 a.m.  & Access Replays Location... (just click Patricia's Personal Profile Once There)    
  • "ALIVE 2 THRIVE" Social Media Coaching Platform One on One Empowerment, Private Group Coaching & Boot Camps! (For Detailed Info Go To Product Store)
  • "ALIVE 2 THRIVE" Conference's May & October 2019
  • Community Life Empowerment Center Coming Soon!!!

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Holistic Health & Wellness Consultations...

  • One on One Empowerment Consultations w/ Coach Trish & Support Resource Leaders
  • Note This Service Is Temporarily Just Word Of Mouth. Due To The Limited Number Of Support Leaders.
  • Community Health & Wellness Fairs... Partner w/ Us!
  • Holistic Health & Family Support Service Mentors... Service Coming!
  • Individual & Group Empowerment Coaching... Upon Approval.

Inner Healing Support, Resources & Life Skill Training...Empowerment Support for Churches & Community Organizations

  • WIN, GROW & LEAD!!!     Personal Growth & Development On-Line Classes... ages 15 to 21 and Adults desiring to Win, Grow & Lead... Coming Soon!!!
  • Stress Management Education & Support Services
  •  Suicide Prevention Education & Support Services
  • Homeless Outreach Education & Support Services
  • Prison Ministry Education & Support Services
  • Evangelistic & Outreach Education & Support Services     

22 Years of Mental Health & Church Ministry Experience & On Going Education & Training & Learning

Community Support Workshops w/ Empowerment Team...

Speakers, Coaches, Licensed Counselors, Authors, Mentors Family & Community Leaders

  • Strengthening Communication Skills for Building Healthy Relationships & Success in the Family.... Workplace... or Your Ministry Group/Organization
  • Anger Resolution... "How to Resolve the Roots of Anger & Ways to Move Forward in Life" w/ Personal Life Testimony
  • Overcoming Fear, Anxiety & Depression... Identifying Signs & Symptoms
  • Broken No More!!! "Healing from Hurts & Trauma" w/ Personal Story
  • The Power of Self - Worth "Shattering Shame, Guilt & Fear"
  • The Power to Press "Maintaining Good Mental Health During Tough Times"
  • Rejected & Abandoned No More... "How to Build Confidence & Overcome the Fear of Failure"

More Community Workshops Can Be Done By Request from topics on the Service Categories Above!!!

Community Resources & Connections Available

Branded Products Are In!!! (Just click the More Tab)

Community Life Empowerment Center Coming Soon!!!